We DO NOT sell to illegal states and areas. Upon pickup or delivery, you will need to provide a Driver’s license. If the zip code on your license is not in a legal area, the hedgehog will not be released to you. If you have recently moved from an area where hedgehogs are illegal to an area where they are legal, please do NOT place a deposit until your driver’s license has been updated. This goes for all illegal areas and not just the examples (most common to New York purchases) given. Please research if they are legal to own where you live. 


- If you lived in Pennsylvania and recently moved to New York State, but you show up with a PA driver’s license. In this instance the animal will not be released to you.

- If the zip code on your driver’s license lies within the 5 boroughs of New York City, the hedgehog will not be released. 

We ask to see complete setups of your hedgehog’s new home. Photos must be sent before pickup/delivery date. We recommend at MINIMUM these listed items plus any additional toys and hideouts. 

- Large Small Mammal Cage (at least 4 square feet of ground space) OR a Sterilite 110 quart bin OR C&C cage. NO AQUARIUMS. NO SHELVES OR RAMPS. NO WIRE BOTTOMS.

- Large exercise wheel. We recommend the Carolina Storm Wheel with a litter box. It is common for the hedgehog to defecate on the wheel and in the pan also. This makes cleaning the cage much easier. 

- Two Ceramic dishes. One for kibble and one for live food/treats. 

- Water bottle

- Heat Source such as a CHE (Ceramic Heat Emitter), Space Heater or a climate zoned room set at 75 degrees. NO HEAT PADS.

- Digital thermometer

- Hideout

- Cage Substrate such as fleece, pine pellets, paper products.  NO CEDAR.

Babies usually go to their new homes at around 7 weeks old. This is dependent on several benchmarks which include eating, drinking and weight. Once a litter is born, we can give a general date for pickup which will be firmed up when babies are 5-6 weeks old. We do not keep babies beyond 8 weeks for any reason other than if they don’t reach their benchmarks. Please plan accordingly for these dates before committing to a hedgehog.

Your hedgehog is pedigreed. Although we do not release pedigrees to go home with you, we can share it with you along with the COI% (Coefficient of Inbreeding). The pedigree lists all of the known ancestors of your new pet. These help to safe guard against congenital diseases and defects. Your hedgehog will come with a LIFETIME guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome and a 6 month guarantee against congenital heart problems. These must be confirmed by a Veterinarian. WHS can only be confirmed by a necropsy performed postmortem.

If you are interested in breeding, please be honest. We can run the pedigrees of the hedgehog you are getting from us with an existing or future acquisition. Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to provide unrelated babies as pairs. Because of this, we will also only sell multiple same-sex hedgehogs to a single household. When buying more than one hedgehog from us, we will need to see separate setups for all animals. They are solitary animals and should not share living quarters. 

We do not ship via airline. We do offer delivery/meet up for an additional $50-$150 depending on your area. If you wish to utilize this service, we will set up a specific date/time when you place your deposit. This date will not be flexible and cannot be rescheduled.

We do not offer refunds but we do accept returns.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason.