Why are pedigrees important?

There are several reasons. As breeders, we can prevent inbreeding. Just because two hedgehogs are purchased from different breeders does not mean they aren’t related somewhere down the line. Pedigrees also help to track health defects like Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome so we can make sure you have the healthiest baby possible. Our hedgehogs’ lineage can be traced back several generations. 

What food should I feed?

We feed a mix of several kinds of high quality cat kibble. We recommend mixing at least two foods so if one food is unavailable or recalled, you will still have another food they’re accustomed to as back up. We also feed regular size mealworms as treats. Hedgehogs can also enjoy other treats in moderation such as fruits and vegetables, egg, high quality canned cat food and baby food.

Here are the dry cat foods we recommend:

Whole Hearted Grain-Free Cat- Chicken Recipe

Canidae Limited Ingredient Cat- Chicken

Iams Adult Cat- Chicken

Nutro Whole Essentials Indoor Adult- Chicken and Brown Rice

How do I house my hedgehog?

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and coordination. All cages should have a single level with no ramps or ledges. The floor area should measure at least 4 square feet.  Critter Nation single level cages work well as do traditional guinea pig cages with deep pans. Also, cages with a top that completely opens top to allow easier access to your pet.

110 quart Sterilite storage containers work well and are a commonly used setup. A hole can be drilled in the side for the water bottle.

After a deposit is given, we supply a shopping list of all the recommended supplies. All new owners will need to provide photos of their setup the week before pickup. 

NOT RECOMMENDED: Aquariums, terrariums, tall cages with ramps, cages with bars spaced too far apart or any cage under 4 square feet.

What comes with the cost of the hedgehog?

When you get your hedgehog, we will provide 2 weeks of food to transition your baby to the approved food you will be feeding. You will also receive a pet carrier, a folder with a pet contract, sales receipt and business card. We include a small snuggle sack to also aid in the transition. And you will receive lifetime support with any questions you may have in the future. 

When will my hedgehog come home with me?

On average, hedgehogs can go to their new homes at 7 weeks but this is all dependent on how well they are eating and drinking on their own and if they are the proper weight. Not all hedgehogs from the same litter will be ready to go at the same time. Once a litter is born, we can give a general date for pickup which will be firmed up when babies are 5-6 weeks old. We do not keep babies beyond 8 weeks for any reason other than if they don’t reach their benchmarks. Please plan accordingly for these dates before committing to a hedgehog.

Can I have the hedgehog shipped?

We do not ship hedgehogs via airline. We encourage you to pick up your new pet at our home. We like to offer a very transparent transaction. You can see our setups and meet one-on-one so you know your hedgehog is coming from a good place. We DO offer ground transport to select areas on select dates (determined after litter is born.) the cost is $50-$150 depending on the location. 

These areas may include:

Rochester Area, NY

Syracuse Area, NY

Southern Tier Area, NY

Catskills Area, NY

New Jersey



Do you provide a carrier?

YES! We include a carrier with substrate for burrowing. This will keep your hedgehog safe and warm on the way to your car and your ride home. 

My hedgehog was so sweet for a couple of weeks and is now grumpy, why?

Your hedgehog is most likely quilling. Do you notice your baby shedding quills? They are starting to get their adolescent quills. This is the equivalent of baby teething in humans. The hedgehog is just in pain throughout the quill areas. It is best to continue handling every day through this time. You can just put your hedgehog on your lap. They may not want to be pet due to the sensitivity. But they need to continue to hear your voice and smell you to stay tame when it is over. They will usually do one more major quilling before 1 year of age. 

Here is a great link to help answer some common questions: